What To Wear On A Trip to Nashville? Outfit Ideas and More

Thinking of a vacation to Nashville, the renowned Music City and one of the most famous tourist spots around the globe, often ponders the most important question: what to wear on the Nashville Trip?

Visiting Nashville is not just about music, it is more about exploring cultural heritage, outdoor sports, fun, food, parties, and all of its trending clothes. It is all about dressing up in your unique style and scouting locations with your friends to uncover old country music and live bands along with the vibrant parties and bars and famous tourist points in the city. 

Unlike Vegas, Berlin, and Miami, Nashville has got a whole different vibe to it. Where those other cities require you to dress with the trends, dressing up in Nashville is effortless! However, with boots, hats and most importantly sequins, in trend, it has got a cowboy/Hipster vibe to it. You can dress up however you want to go sightseeing in Nashville and the other sightseers won't even bat an eye towards your signature style. 

This is what makes Nashville popular and attractive. Its roots in music and fashion are something that compels thousands of tourists to choose Nashville as their weekend getaway or vacation spot. Statistics show that in 2014, it was the fastest-growing travel destination in the United States with a 365% increase in bookings annually. The demand for vacation in Nashville is still as high as it has ever been for its casual vibe and famous country music venues are what one needs to detox all the accumulated stress of the year.

From famous honky-tonks and museums to aesthetic eateries and Broadway, your Nashville trip could be very packed. So, make sure to pack several outfits for your trip.


Nashville Museum
Nashville general Store


What To Pack for Your Nashville trip? Outfit Ideas

People often make mistakes while packing for a vacation in Nashville. If you are also one of those who pack all fancy outfits for their trip then this guide is definitely for you to pack the right clothes for your upcoming trip. And if you are to go for the first time then carefully read the upcoming tips so that you know what to pack for your Nashville trip.

Before indulging in the outfit itineraries. First, make sure to check the weather in Nashville when your trip is scheduled. Nashville has got all four kinds of weather so although most of the days are hot and sunny, there are days in December and January that call for warm clothes. So, make sure you know the right temperature to pack accordingly.

However, be it the winters, or in the summers, Nashville is all about the casual vibe. Hence, make sure to pack lots of lightweight casual clothes with you for your vacation in Nashville. Anything like jeans, shirts, sundresses, skirts, shorts, denim, and boots that are comfortable would go perfectly with all the daytime activities and sports. Also, pack some fancier outfits for a beautiful night out at the museum or some famous eatery in the countryside.

Here is a list of a few trending must-haves that you cannot forget on your Nashville trip:

  • Hats and Boots: Tourists in Nashville keep up with the trending cowboy style of Nashville, so make sure you also pack some cowboy boots and hats to blend perfectly with the crowd there. You can also buy such things from Nashville at a more discounted rate.
  • Fringe and Rhinestones: You cannot visit the music city without the sparkle and fringes. These are the must-haves to slay and rock in the lively streets of Nashville. 
  • Denim: To make it look all casual and fun on your vacation in Nashville, make sure to pack loads of pieces of denim for it is a MUST to complete your cowboy look. Pack different denim pants, shorts, jackets, and jumpsuits to slay with your creative mix-and-match styles during the whole trip.
  • Floral and Animal Prints: Go with some beautiful floral and wild animal prints while selecting your tees and shirts for the trip. Such prints work best in Nashville all around the year so you could never be out of style with these prints in your luggage.

How To DressUp In A Day On Your Nashville Trip? Styling Ideas

Outfits For Daytime

If you are to go to some honky tonks or museums during the daytime in your trip then anything could do. Wear something light consisting of:

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Top your look with cowboy-style jewelry including some light rings and necklace and this would make you slay during the daytime. You can remove your jacket if you plan to go to a bar where the temperature is high.

Nashville trip outfit for daytime

If the weather is a little chilly in the early morning then you can also opt for a classy sweatshirt along with the boots and of course the hat and some sunglasses to complete the hipster look.

Outfits For Night

The nights of Nashville are musical. Like the tourists in Nashville, if you also want to explore the famous broadway vibe, the famous yet aesthetic eateries, or the night of the Grand Ole Opry then wearing casual wouldn’t be the right choice. You can opt for some classy and elegant chic wear/ruffle dress to complete your look for the best musical and beautiful night of your life while visiting Nashville.


Nashville Bar
Nashville Bar and BBQ


Your complete outfit for the night in Nashville could be something including:

Nashville trip Outfit for Night

Enjoy the nights of fun and adventures along with your family and friends in your own signature classy style on your Nashville trip and cherish those beautiful memories for the rest of your life.


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