Floating Pool Lights RGB Color Changing LED Ball Lights


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Feature:IP67 Waterproof : we update the waterproof structure, and use a thicker sealing ring, to make the ball light to better waterproof, no need to worry it leak again. ( Please note, before putting into water, please close the battery lid completely to make the ball ight full waterproof)
Silicone Button:We updated to a soft silicone button, no need to press hard to operate, it’s easier to use.
Dismountable Hook: When you want to hang, you can attach the hook to the ball light, so that you can put anywhere you want to , like the trees, walls, ropes, it has more applicant and more convenient to use

Waterproof: IP67
Color: RGBW (16 colors);
Mode: 4
Material: Engineering Plastic
Size: Approx. 8cm / 3inch
Color: White / RGB (as you choose)
Power source: Solar power
IP Rating: 67
Rated Power: 1W
Output Voltage: 1.5V
Lighting Source: 1 LED
Power Supply: button cell (replaceable);
Battery Last Time:30-70hours (power is consumed during transportation, the actual time maybe less

Package includes:
1x Floating Pool Lights

1x Remote Control

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